More About All-Natural Foods

Blossom Ridge Farm and Dairy produces only all-natural, GMO-free foods. For many of our customers the amazing taste of all-natural is enough. They never want to go back! But some of us want to know more. Does all-natural food really matter?

All-Natural Milk

All natural milk is the pride of Blossom Ridge Dairy. Our herd produces “milk as it was meant to be.” Milk is available only through our herd-share program. That means you pay a one-time fee to become a part-owner of our herd, and a monthly maintenance fee to care for your share of the herd. As a part-owner of the herd, you share in dividends of ownership, which includes a share of the milk.

Fresh unprocessed whole milk is a wonderful product that you can’t buy in stores. It is so special that we’ve dedicated a page of this site for those who would like to learn more. Click here to learn more!

Heritage Meat and Eggs

“Heritage” means that all of our animals are non-GMO, traditional breeds. We feed them only a non-GMO, locally-sourced diet. “Heritage” also means that we use traditional management versus factory-style methods. Our birds are never caged; the are free to move outside for fresh air and sunshine, or inside for protection from the weather. Factory-style layers produce lots of eggs, but are so anxious that they are stressed and fight. We select breeds that are naturally calmer. This reduces stress and fighting, and allows us to keep them in more humane, cage-free conditions. You can see and taste the difference.

Factory-style methods produce chickens and eggs with amazing production rates, but the quality suffers, and many think the animals do too. And there are real questions about the implications for human health.

What’s in your grocery store meat and eggs?

Our beef, chicken, and eggs are antibiotic-, hormone-, and chemical-free. By contrast, factory style animals are often kept on antibiotics and hormones merely to increase growth rates and egg production. Here are some quick facts you can check yourself.

Blossom Ridge Farm and Dairy uses only sustainable methods of agriculture. We never use low-dose antibiotics to increase production. We never administer hormones to any of our animals. Can your grocery store say the same?

That’s just the beginning. There is so much to say about milk, that we’ve dedicated an entire page to the subject!

Click here to learn more about milk …