Prices and Availability

Changes for the 2017 Season

We look forward to another year of serving the Blossom Ridge family throughout the 2017 growing season! We are already busy working on peaches, produce, garden vegetables, eggs, and chicken.

We will not offer milk shares or pork in 2017. Our co-founder, John Ritz, died suddenly in the winter of 2017. John was the large animal expert of our farm. We do not feel that we have the resources to maintain the quality standards John established, and that the Blossom Ridge family has come to expect, for this season.

Feel free to call to inquire about other products!

The 2016 Grape Season is Over

Thanks to everyone who tried our grapes this year! We had a good season, with a selection of both table and wine varieties. There will be more next year! In 2016 grapes were $15/half-bushel.

Thank You for a Successful 2016 Peach Season

Thank you for a great first season! Peaches this year sold for $35/half-bushel, but are sold-out now. We’ll have more next summer!

In case you missed getting your organic peaches this year, be sure to put your order in early next year. They go fast!

Eggs and Chicken

Eggs are available! $3.00/dozen.

We’ve butchered the first meat chicken this year. These chickens are excellent, so they sell-out fast! Call or use our convenient contact page for availability of chicken.

Milk-Shares Available Now

We are now accepting new partners for our dairy herd-share program!

Raw milk cannot be sold in Michigan, but share holders are entitled to milk their share of the herd produces. Share holders purchase an interest in the herd and pay a maintenance fee for the care of their animals. Full details are in our herd share agreement, but we’ve summarized it below. (Prices effective August 2016).

Herd Share and Boarding Prices

You can purchase half and full shares. A full share costs $125. Boarding and maintenance fees are billed monthly.

  • One half Share = $26/mo.
  • One Share = $48/mo.
  • One and a half Share = $66/mo.
  • Two Shares = $80/mo.

The herd share agreement is available now! Herd Share Agreement

How Many Shares Do I Need?

As a part owner of The Herd, you are simply collecting your share of the milk it produces. The amount of milk you receive depends on the number of shares you own. Our quality herd management practices mean that we can estimate milk volumes for share owners with a high degree of confidence.

  • ½ share yields about 1 gallon of fresh unprocessed whole milk per week
  • 1 share yields about 2 gallons per week
  • 1 ½ shares yield about 3 gallons per week
  • 2 Shares yield about 4 gallons per week

Milk will be available to share holders October 1, 2016.  Call or use the contact page to ask for updates!

Heritage Pork and Pig Shares

This information is coming soon! Call or use the contact page to ask for updates!